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Troubled Waters by Trevor Burton

Synopsis: Marian Clowes is an administrator at Salford into Work, a recruitment and training company assisting unemployed people to gain employment. Claims to a government funding body have been falsified Marian is suspected of being a whistle blower. She is also a member of a group called Harmony Earth which is protesting against FrackUK a company prospecting for shale gas. One Friday evening she is celebrating her thirtieth birthday with colleagues in The Lowry Hotel, Manchester. The next morning her body is found in the river Irwell. Inspector Lambert of Greater Manchester...
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Jack’s Path by Jack Pilgers

Synopsis: Losing his parents, young Jack Pilgers is sent from his small village in the North York Moors to a Catholic orphanage in London. Troubled by intense loneliness in his early twenties, he embarks on a hedonistic tour in South-East Asia, where he finds love and comfort – until fate hands him a cruel twist. Dejected and alone, Jack decides to put an end to his suffering… when he has a dream. He is invited to walk the ancient path of Santiago de Compostela to discover the meaning of his life. Philosophers, gurus, friends...
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Conquest by David Pilliung

Synopsis: England, 1326. The young King, Edward III, is a virtual prisoner, locked out of power by his mother Queen Isabella and her lover, the power-hungry Roger de Mortimer. Determined to rule, Edward gathers a band of loyal followers and plots to reclaim his kingdom. Meanwhile war rages across the Channel in Gascony. Sir John Swale, forced into exile to escape his enemies in England, is caught up in a war for control of the province. Captured and ransomed by the French, he is sent back to England to restore his fortunes...
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