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Gentleman of Fortune by Nick Smith

Book cover design for Nick Smith:


1699. Dogged by the mysterious deeds of his long-dead buccaneer father, Jacob Hollum tries to find his place in a lawless world of blood and gold. The promise of a better life seemingly lies in the capture of the San Isdora – a Spanish galleon – and the beautiful Maria Fanéz he finds amongst its precious indigo and silver. When a bloody disagreement between cutthroats strips everything away, Jacob is caught between pursuing his new sweetheart, or the lure of riches. He ends up in a...
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Strategos: Rise of the Golden Heart

Stay strong, Haga, for the Golden Heart will rise in the west. At dawn, he will wear the guise of a lion hunter. At noon, he will march to the east as if to conquer the sun itself. At dusk, you will stand with him in the final battle, like an island in the storm . . . 1068 AD: the armies of the Seljuk Sultanate tear at Byzantium's borders, poised to strike the death blow that will bring all Anatolia under their yoke. Alp Arslan's armies grow stronger with every...
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