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Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil by Steven A. McKay

Synopsis: December, 1323 AD Holly and ivy decorate the houses while voices are raised in song, but the Christmas cheer is tempered by terror this festive season, as demons haunt a small English village. Strange thefts; cloven hoof-prints in the snow; a house burned to the ground. Something evil stalks the icy streets of Brandesburton and former mercenary Tuck must find out what, before it’s too late. As he sets out to solve the mystery the friar prays his faith will protect him. His faith AND his great quarterstaff, for he knows full well –...
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Hidden Ability Book One of the Crown Saga

Book cover design for Aldus Baker. Synopsis: Shaken by the death of his father, eight-year-old Jalan is thrust into an arduous training regimen where his superior grace and agility are made manifest as he learns the discipline and fighting skills of the Yen Lancers, but when a dangerously spontaneous aspect of his true heritage appears and an enemy attack compels him to lead mounted archers into battle will he find a way to understand and control his legacy and master the responsibilities of command in time to save his men, his home...
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Invasion: Folville’s Law (I) by David Pilling

Book cover design for David Pilling Synopsis: England in 1326 stands on the brink of civil war. Thanks to the incompetence of Edward II’s government, the north is virtually overrun by the Scots, while an invasion fleet is massing across the Channel, led by Edward’s estranged Queen, Isabella, the ‘She-Wolf of France.’ The first book in the Folville’s Law series follows the adventures of Sir John Swale, knight of Cumberland, as he investigates a murder that threatens to hurl Edward’s tottering kingdom into the abyss. Along the way he clashes with Eustace Folville...
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