A Passionate Love Affair With A Total Stranger by Lucy Robinson

Book cover design for Charnwood Large Print books.


Charley Lambert has worked hard at creating a perfect life. She has an aspirational flat, a job of international significance, and a very good pair of legs. Best of all, her boss has asked her out after seven years’ hard flirting and a covert fumble in a mop cupboard. But then she breaks her leg in two places, watches her boss propose to someone else, and – horror – is forced to hand over her job to her nasty deputy. Dangerously bored, she starts helping people who are talentless at internet dating. Then William arrives in her inbox and rocks her world. Helpless, she watches herself fall in love with him, and discovers she’s not who she thought she was. But can she turn her back on her old life – all for a total stranger?

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