Monthly Archives: October 2017

Websites for authors!

The digital age beckons (actually it's already here!), yes there's already the social media bit to do as well as all the other self promotional bits, it's still a good idea to have a website for your readers to have a look through, also when writing your tweets and other social networking malarky you can link back to your site which kind of acts as the epicentre of your writing hub especially if you have a blog on your website. If...
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Order of the White Boar

For Alex we created a full book cover design and a web banner plus a 3d Book image to use on social media platforms and websites.

Synopsis: Twelve-year-old Matthew Wansford has always longed to be a knight. And his chance comes in the golden summer of 1482 when he arrives at Middleham Castle, to serve the King’s brother, Richard, Duke of Gloucester. Soon he encounters a dangerous enemy. Hugh, a fellow page, is a better swordsman, horseman, more skilled in all the knightly arts – and the son of an executed...
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